Klaus Staudt: Light and Transcendence (2015)
(English/German with subtitles; 27:24 min.)
A leading practitioner of concrete-constructivist art for some 50 years, Klaus Staudt was also part of the pan-European New Tendencies movement, composed of distinct voices researching similar concerns in an almost laboratory-like context.
Turning against the emotive, gesticular abstraction of Tachisme and Art Informel, Staudt’s predominantly grid-like reliefs, composed of a restricted set of materials and geometric shapes, are the essence of structural clarity and restraint. Exploiting the interaction between light, shade and colour, through the mediation of a glassy medium, his serial structures appear to have a fluctuating life of their own, some densely packed and opaque, others watery and diaphanous.
For all their systematic precision and the predominance of the opportunistic white, Staudt’s objects are from being clinical or insular, but are infinitely receptive to their surroundings and the viewer’s perceptions, treading a fine line between rational, constructivist precedents and ineffable transcendence.
Staudt spoke to Studio International at his exhibition, Light and Transcendence, at the Mayor Gallery, London.
Interview: Angeria Rigamonti di Cutò
Translation: Nina Horwitz
Camera: Martin Kennedy
© Studio International 2015
Klaus Staudt. Malerei. (2018)
(German language, 23:54 min.)
Interview: Rainer Lind
Camera: Rainer Lind
Camera assistant: Marvin Heppenheimer
© Rainer Lind 2018
Klaus Staudt im Gespräch mit der Kuratorin Anna Wondrak (2015)
(German language, 9:22 min.)
Interview: Anna Wondrak
Camera/Editing: Elizabeth Reyna Alvarez
© Museum für Konkrete Kunst und Design und der
Stiftung für Konkrete Kunst und Design Ingolstadt 2015
Klaus Staudt im Kunstmuseum Ahlen (2018)
(German language, 5:19 min.)
Edited by: Dorothea Breit
© Westdeutscher Rundfunk 2018